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Company Profile

Best Audio Pte Ltd is Singapore’s leading supplier of professional digital sound karaoke systems. It is dedicated to providing the most rewarding

and most crystal clear sound experience for discerning home users, serious karaoke enthusiasts, and commercial outfits in Singapore,

Indonesia and Malaysia.

Best Audio carries its own brand of high quality karaoke equipment which it sells or rents to a diverse range of customers, including pubs,

restaurants, KTV lounges, community centres, country clubs, and recreational clubs.

Our History

Though incorporated in 2010, Best Audio Pte Ltd has deep, humble roots. Its founder has close to 20 years of experience in the karaoke
entertainment industry.  He started out as a sole proprietor in 1992, providing karaoke equipment repair services for a variety of brands.

He was later appointed as the installation technician for a well-known Japanese karaoke equipment brand in Singapore. As business grew, 
he founded Kah Hong Electronics & Engineering Pte Ltd in 2003 and Kah Hong Trading Pte Ltd in 2008.

Emboldened by a personal vision to take the local karaoke experience to new heights, a research and development (R&D) team was
established. The aim was to design and eventually, manufacture a high-quality, Made-in-Singapore professional karaoke sound system.

The design engineering team would incorporate the founder’s years of experience in the karaoke business and his understanding of the
unique needs and tastes of customers in Southeast Asia. Best Audio was set up in May 2010 to promote this new range of Best Audio
Professional Karaoke Sound System.

Our Products
The Best Audio Professional Digital Sound Karaoke System - launched on 1 Oct 2009 -was designed with the Asian karaoke enthusiast in mind.
It consists of a complete range of karaoke players, amplifiers, equalizers, speakers, mixers, multi-effects processors, wired and wireless
microphone systems.

Our Services
Best Audio Pte Ltd specialises in: Design and consultancy services for karaoke start-ups and music entertainment businesses.
Professional installation of karaoke sound systems. Professional repair and maintenance services. Sale and rental of Best Audio
Professional karaoke sound systems.

Our Vision
To provide professional karaoke sound systems of the highest quality for businesses and home users in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Our Mission
To create the most rewarding and crystal clear sound experience for anyone who uses the Best Audio Professional Digital Sound Karaoke System.

Our Core Values

From research and development to design and production, our team are committed to harnessing the latest audio technology to produce

the best quality sound.

Excellent customer service:

We aim to delight our customers with fast response time to any technical problems so as to minimize business downtime and maintain our

customers’ total confidence in and satisfaction with our products.


We believe in fostering a cohesive family spirit among employees and a strong team spirit of co-operation and collaboration among different

departments. Best Audio has a well-trained workforce of 23 people with specialist skills in sound and electronics engineering, karaoke

equipment repair and maintenance who are backed by a dedicated sales and administration team.

Why Choose Best Audio?
Comprehensive technical support. We offer a one-year warranty for free service maintenance and replacement of spare parts.Our customers
are served by two dedicated hotlines: a commercial customer service hotline available  from 12 pm to 2 am and a consumer customer service
hotline from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m.

For the convenience of our customers, our technical team are always on standby to provide on-site and equipment-on-loan services.
One-stop centre for karaoke enthusiasts and businesses Whether you are looking for consultancy service or the best professional karaoke sound
system for your home or business, Best Audio offers a convenient one-stop solution.

Customers can either rent or buy an all-in-one karaoke sound system or individual equipment -whichever that suits their budget and requirements.
Our experienced team of design engineers, technicians, and sales consultants will work closely with our customers’ contractors to create the
best quality sound and most rewarding karaoke experience.

Past Successful Projects
A number of community centres, country clubs, pubs and KTV lounges are using the Best Audio Professional Karaoke Sound Systems.
Among them are:
  • Resort World @ Sentosa Pte Ltd
  • Tampines Small & Medium Enterprise Association
  • Chui Huay Lin Teochew Cuisine Restaurant
  • Ten Dollars Club Entertainment Pte Ltd @ Aranda Country Club
  • Active Senior Citizen Centre
  • SMRT Sports & Recreation Club
  • YiShun Floral Residents' Committees
  • Serangoon Garden Country Club
  • The Chevrons @ Aviary KTV

Whatever is your karaoke need, we will deliver as promised. Feel free to contact us for a no-obligation consultation.

Kah Hong Electronics Engineering Pte. Ltd.
Block 9012 Tampines Street 93 #01-203 
Singapore 528845
Tel: +65 6783 5872  Fax: +65 6783 5278

Best Audio Show Room
810 Geylang Road #02-115, 116 City Plaza
Singapore 409286
Tel: +65 6742 1790  Fax: +65 6783 5278

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